Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple time, excellent

Today was apple picking day. We went last year for the first time and, while it is a lot of fun to get outside and hang out in the super awesome fall weather, it's kind of a silly thing this apple picking. I mean, you spend a lot of money for a plastic bag that you fill with something you can buy in any grocery store for a lot cheaper. There are the donuts and the cider and the butter and the kettle corn, but there's also six thousand people who had the same idea as you on this wonderful Saturday morning and the fact that you forgot to bring the stroller and also that the part where you pick the apples in the same place that doubles as a parking lot. Oh, and the ants. I hate ants.

But, whatever, we had a good time. Sam spent the time chewing on the carrier, I spent my time sweating like a beast from carrying around an-almost 20 pound hairless sack of dough, Eli screamed "apple" every two seconds and kicked the mushy ones on the ground like little soccer balls all while J filled our bag with the good stuff.

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  1. great pictures! love that little vest on your little guy :)