Friday, September 14, 2012


My brother and I weren't the best of friends growing up. There were so many punches thrown and names called that my dad resorted to holding the offender down so the other could have their say.

But then there were the moments that we did come together. There as the time when someone was picking on my brother on the bus home from school. I told them off and asked him to come sit with me. It might have seemed like a small gesture, but it was the biggest thing I could have done for my brother at that moment. And he knew that and appreciated it.

I know there are going to be tough moments, remote controls flying across the room, hoping to connect with a little head. Toys being fought over with the force of a million storms, screams and protests that will shock us to the core, silly little insignificant things turned into World War III. We even see bits and pieces of it now, but there's way more of this going on 'round these parts at the moment.

Sam watches Eli with such intensity, it's beautiful to witness. Eli runs to soothe Sam when he cries and shares his toys with him. There are kisses and hands held and giggles shared.  The development of their relationship is just amazing to be a part of, it truly is.

Sure there are pinches and punches and Eli ignoring every "Gentle!" we toss at him.  But then there are the glances and smiles during dinner, Eli getting a diaper for Sam when he's wet, or those shared moments in Sam's crib when they just sit next to each other.

I truly am lucky to have these two dudes in my life.

(Don't forget the furry friends!)

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