Saturday, September 29, 2012

Candy Day

One day I'm going to tell you guys all about the diabetes I've had since I was a kid and how that's worked out for me but, first, I'm going to tell you what we did today. This Type 1 diabetic packed up the family and hit the road to hang out at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. Yes, that's the name of the place and no, they don't have a website or phone.

If you go on a weekend, just know you are going to hit traffic waiting to get into the Ren Fair. We sat in it for about 10 miles which, honestly, I'd rather eat roadkill than do this. But, CANDY. 

When you get to Jordan, keep an eye out for a giant yellow place on your right. It looks just like this.

It's attached to an apple farm, which is great but, come on, CANDY. CANDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Get it?

Also know that, if you go on a weekend, there will be seventeen thousand people in the place. And don't even THINK about bringing in a stroller, which I decided to do at the last second. Eff me. But, CANDY.

 (Oh, the pickled goodness is intense.)

 (Thank the heavens he slept through the entire thing.)

 (You don't like licorice? Good, I hate it, let's be friends. But if you DO like it, you are strange and gross and they also happen to have six million kinds of the gross stuff.)

(Yeah, that's a ferris wheel filled with popcorn aka Heaven.)

(I have never, ever seen so much friggin' soda in my entire life.)


(He wasn't the only one happy to get out of that circus.)

I got a lot of stuff, most of it chocolate and some of it containing bacon. Chocolate maple bacon fudge, yo. The fresh baked apple pastries are so good and they have tons of pies, salsas, butters & jams and apples from the orchard.

(The haul.)


  1. I admit it, I was distracted by the pickled goods...some of those pickles looked exactly like the homemade ones my Grandma made, and dear lord, I wish she had passed that recipe down to someone in the family. I miss my Grandma! (And the pickles).

    1. If your grandma was a pickling kind of lady, then she was awesome AND a genius. The only thing I really wanted to get was the pickled eggs. Come on, an entire store of candy and that's all I wanted? Weeeird.

  2. Uhm, Dude. You WENT there?! It's insane, right? Please tell me that you drank some bacon soda. Someone has to be brave enough to try it!