Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One of those days.

I dusted off the nice camera today, but all it did was cause Eli to lose his shit. GIVE ME CAMERA NOW, LADYCAKES. BUH BYE.

But I taught him how to take a picture, so the pieces of my eardrums that the booger's banshee cries killed were not wasted after all!

You know who was a total jerk? The dudes who came up with the idea of shoving mush down a baby's maw. It's just the most disgusting thing ever, spraying everywhere and requiring paint thinner to remove, and what comes out the other end? No way. I've got this crazy fear of choking and just the thought of going whole baby led weaning route brings me to tears, so pureed mush it is.

(But oh, how he loves the stuff.)

Can I tell you know who was a total genius? The person who came up with the bath. There is nothing a nice bath can't fix, everyone in this house wants to marry our tub.

Especially when the pugs are invited to the after party.


  1. dude,
    i'm so glad you commented on my blog, 'cause then i discovered your blog! it's awesome! i'm bout to read it on the reg.
    (the rusty raccoon)

    1. How happy this makes me cannot be put into words. For real.