Friday, September 21, 2012

Underpants and fun stuff

I finally decided to put away my clean clothes last night. This is a big deal y'all. Like, huge. I usually live out of a laundry basket and just turn the iron on each morning. I hate clutter and junk all over the place, but I only put my clothes away a few times a year. The semi-annual clothes cleaning event, if you will.

So I saw these red and white striped underpants in there. Cute, I thought, I didn't know I had red and white striped underpants! But, come on, I may be pushing 34 but my mom still buys me underpants and socks from time to time. Free is free, right? So I figured the underpants fairy had come for a visit while I had been at work.

When I woke up this morning at 5am, I fumbled in the dark for an outfit like I normally do and found that, when I got to the bathroom and turned the light on, red and white underpants were the pick of the day.

Cute, right? Well, after trying desperately to get them on I realized that I was not the owner of cute red and white underpants. No, I was trying to hike my 5 month old's onesie up my large lower half.

Fuck me.

I work four ten hour shifts at work now, which is pretty awesome, but it means less time at night with my kids. By the time I get home it's dinner, bath, milk for the little man, bed for the little man, cuddle time with the big man and then bed for the big man. But we always manage to have a little fun time before dinner.


  1. Quick question: is that a portrait of Colonel Sanders in the background of the high five photo?

  2. Look how the Colonel's blessed light is shining right on Stink.

  3. hahahah i too am distracted by the colonel sanders pic, and wishing it was on my wall. my mom totally hooks me up with underoos and cute socks all the time, i love it!

  4. Wait, what are clean clothes?