Saturday, October 6, 2012


I have a good list of things in my brain box. The longest list is called, "Things to Write for the People of the Blog World," but, honestly, I have a few things going on around here keeping me from typing those up. Besides, my best work happens either at work or after the kids go to bed. It is currently before noon on Saturday, so I'm instead busy dealing with such important things as this.

And this. (Please note, the matching onesies was totally unintentional. In fact, I didn't even remember buying these. Hell, I didn't even remember dressing Eli in said onesie when I went ahead and dressed Sam. And it all wasn't made clear until I was going to take this picture and J said, "Hey, look, they have the same outfit on!" Strange how my brain works.)

I'm going to finish eating breakfast now (remember, it's almost noon) and then maybe go CRAZY and make some tea. I plan on washing my naughty bits by the time they both get up from their naps and then I think we'll walk up the block to the park. Saturdays are the one day we all have together and, even if we aren't doing much of anything to outside eyes, every single moment of it is pretty awesome.

Have a good Saturday out there.


  1. Could your kids be any cuter? Seriously, I don't leave the "your kids are so cute" comment a lot either, but these pictures call for it.