Friday, October 5, 2012

Choose your own adventure.

Please go through the following options of lessons that can be learned from the above photo and choose the one which you are down with the most.

1. Getting pregnant with your second kid when your first is barely 8 months old is bad for your hair. Look at that part line! So much visible scalp, it's painful for me to look at. I can even feel the slight breeze of the air vent above my desk at work on my head as if a fan was on full blast against my skull. (On a side note, if I am ever lost, follow the trail of my hair and you will find me. Seriously, I shed so much I'm pulling hair balls out of my bra.)

2. Dry shampoo is stupid. Granted, I didn't spend more than $3 for the bottle at Target, but just because I'm cheap doesn't mean I deserve a product that feels like I poured cement on my head. And it sure as hell doesn't mean that I deserve to look like a powdered donut either.

3. Instagram + a poorly lit bathroom at night isn't necessarily the best setting to use when you want to prove number 1 and 2 of this list.

Here is a video of my kid eating some spicy mustard that J's brother and girlfriend sent to us. Included in the package was some meat and cheese made with meat which, if you want to instantly sky rocket to BEST PERSON EVER status in my world, sending me a box filled with smoked goodness is the best way to do so. But this mustard? Eli's favorite, even if it looks like he's being tortured.  This is the same kid who drinks sriracha like it's soda or something.

Happy Friday.


  1. Oh man, I went through the worst spell of air loss after having Kale. I would probably be bald if I got pregnant when he was 8 months!

    Also, I purchased a very expensive dry shampoo, thinking it was going to change my life - and it didn't. Still looked like a dry doughnut.

    1. I was too lazy today to wash my hair, so I used the dry shampoo again. I can actually feel my hair on my head right now, it's gross. Like a helmet or something.

  2. I've never been able to get dry shampoo to work for me either although people always go on about it like it's the second coming.

    1. I feel like those people have no problems with anything ever, which is obviously not a group I will ever be able to hang with.