Monday, October 15, 2012

Garfield hates Mondays

Holy crap. Last night I had a dream involving this site being talked about (badly, obvs) on the GOMI forums and I woke up all panicky. Dudes, I dreamt about the Internet and blogging and sites dedicated solely to discussing said blogs on the Internet. And then I was all, holy eff stick, when was the last time I did more than log in here to check my stats (wuddup) and approve comments (thanks!)? I mean, besides taking Eli to get a flu shot and then celebrating his awesomeness by getting him a couple of "twucks" at Target afterwards, did I even leave the house this weekend? I can't remember. I do remember spending one night making baby food, another making dog food (more on those later, I guess) and one night cursing Xfinity on Demand for not showing the newest Parks and Rec episode on Friday (I know we don't have cable anymore at all and so I don't get how I'm still getting that service on the Xbox and I really have no room to complain, but every other channel manages to get the new episodes up within 24 hours, what makes you so special NBC Thursday nights?)

(I forgot to mention, another dream involved me being on Supermarket Sweep with a couple of friends I had in junior high. I was all pissed because I couldn't remember the limit on how many of one item I could take, but then I ran into my mom in the meat section and she told me to get the trash bags and rodent traps because those were worth the most. I paused at the caramel apple section because I really wanted one, but those things were only $1.09 so I passed.)

So yeah, here we are. Another Monday and I have no more than a few snippets of the weekend in my brain. The first thing I do at work is log into the systems we need to use each day and I've been doing it for so long now that I could (probably literally) do it with my eyes closed. Everything kind of looked different this morning for some reason and I didn't know what to do. I honestly sat here for five minutes contemplating if I should ask a co-worker, but then I started getting upset because I really thought maybe there was something wrong with me. It felt like my eyes were furry and my brain wouldn't move and, after I finally managed to get it all figured out and high five myself for not sub coming to early-onset dementia, I asked someone and then were all, "Duh, we had an upgrade over the weekend."

Well, at least one of us did something productive over the weekend.

So, for now, an Instagram dump, the true mark of a blogger who feels like they have been abducted by aliens and had pieces of their brains removed and kept in little jars. See? I'm going insane. Or maybe I should check my blood sugar, it's probably apple juice time.



  1. No Thursday TV this week. Stupid debates or sumshit

    1. No Grey's, no Glee, it was ridiculous.

  2. Put down the caramel apples and get the hams! Get five hams!!

  3. have you checked out smug moms yet!?