Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meet Monty

There was a time, believe it or not, that I used to be a cat person. And now I'm that person who obviously has dogs (pugs forever, dudes) but would you guess that we have a cat? No really, we do. The reason I was a cat person at one time was because I had no other choice. I have always loved animals but, after moving out on my own when I was 18, I never lived anywhere that allowed for much more than a hamster or a cat. And so, I became a cat person.

 Our cat's name is Bean and she's grey and has a giant floppy pouch that waddles when she walks. She used to be the third of our three cats, J adopted her from the pet store that was across the street from our old apartment. He brought her to me and she was this tiny little ball of bitty teeth and wispy baby animal fur, the kind that you just want to bury your face in forever and never stop breathing. Gosh, it's always amazing to see such a tiny version of a complete animal, if that makes any sense. The cuteness fits in your palm but yet it somehow still manages to be a fully functioning thing. Crazy.

We moved back to my hometown with our two cats and a lot of our belongings packed tightly into the back of a Civic, one totally doped up on homeopathic cat drugs, the other so scared out of his mind that he didn't make a peep during that long trip. The four of us lived in a tiny apartment that first year, Bean came to live with us towards the end of that time. After the apartment came the house which led to the pugs and then her friends started leaving. My oldest cat passed away three years ago, another, a "gift" I adopted for J when we first started dating, last summer when Eli was a baby. Bean was left as the last one of her kind 'round these parts and, trust me, she hasn't been happy. She spends her days holding her ground against the dogs and being terrorized by a toddler who only wants OMG PUSSFACE, JUST LET ME PULL YOUR TAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Baby gates have kept her from getting to her litter pan in the basement, so our extra bedroom has become Cat Land, complete with a place to poop and a place to eat. It's not her fault but, honestly, I've just become so annoyed by the entire set up that I don't spend as much time or attention on her as I used to.

If you had told me one week ago that we would be up to two cats this week, there is absolutely no way I would not have laughed in your face. Oh look, here we are, and I'm not laughing.

My boss found little cat hanging around her house more and more. The cat had a cut on its ear that her son would kiss to make better, a patch of fur missing from its side and the sweetest disposition in the whole world. It's gotten very cold here recently and so she wanted to find a home for the cat. She came into work on Friday trying to figure out what to do and, by the time I left for home that night, I had a cat in a diaper box siting on the passenger seat of my car. The drive home was a struggle involving the little cat chewing its way out of the box and my car being sprayed with cat pee. By the time I was at the back door I was about to cry because I was just so frustrated. J opened the door, a baby on his hip and the next few minutes were a blur involving cat Houdini busting out and disappearing from sight. Great.

Little cat came back that night, lived on her own in the finished part of the basement and got the all-clear from our vet yesterday.

Little cat ended up being a she and the vet agreed with me that she just seems too healthy to not be some one's cat.  We decided to keep looking for two weeks before getting her spayed. All I have been able to find are Craigslist ads saying she's been found and is the sweetest (and most vocal) cat ever, but she's always managed to disappear back into the night before Animal Control could come and get her. What a smart little lady. For now, she has free roam of the house and is the most child-friendly animal I have ever laid my eyes on.

Eli declared her name is Monty, which is what he calls a Monkey but I think it works just fine.

I will admit, she's turned me back into a cat person.


  1. that last picture ;_______________;

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and really like your writing. And also your cat(s). And the child is very cute too obviously. But Monty-oh my! All that grey fluffiness. Is there a word for wanting a cat really badly? Like broody for babies? Wispy for kittens maybe?