Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sam's second day.

We're not the kind of people who get professional pictures done, not that there is anything wrong with doing that. In fact, I think it's pretty awesome, I'm just super cheap and figure I have an expensive camera, so why can't I just take the pictures for free? Even though they come out with some imperfections, they look perfectly fine to me hanging on the wall.

But I got really obsessed with the idea of getting newborn pictures taken by the hospital photographer as Sam's delivery date inched closer. I had an emergency c-section four weeks early with Eli because of pretty crappy pre-e, so I was too busy barfing my brains out from the mag drip when they came around asking if we wanted photos for him. But this time, this time I was ready. I knew every little thing that was going to happen and was able to prepare because duh, I was a pro at this baby by c-section noise. I knew when that chick was going to come around and ask us if we wanted to give her two week's worth of grocery money to take a few pictures of my awesome new kitten.

Oh, hey lady, surprise, I'm back. And I brought my checkbook with me.

We came home, settled into life with 2 tiny kids, I didn't shower for a long time and we felt like we had fur growing on our eyeballs. And somewhere in the midst of that shitstorm which was now our life, I lost the CD with the pictures on it. Oops.

But look at what daddy found this morning.


Isn't that kid just beautiful? He looks a bit Snookie-ish, I know, but damn, did we do good or what? I remember sitting there in the hospital bed, staring at him for hours as if I had never seen a baby before. That hair! The rubber band legs! Our signature off-the-growth-charts head! I had a hard time breathing during our time in the hospital, that's for sure. 

He still takes my breath away.


  1. What a beautiful babe!

    We didn't do professional shots with Kale either, but I kind of kick myself for it now. We've got lots of blurry shots (reflective of how his parents were feeling...) and I wish I had a few professional shots done. Ah well, that's why we have more than one kid right? To fix all the things we screwed up the first time?

  2. Goodness gracious, that is a cute kid!

  3. Not Snookie-ish at all. He's pretty much perfection.