Monday, October 29, 2012


The holidays are a crazy time for my family. First comes Eli's birthday, then Christmas, then my brother's birthday and finally mine, all within a 3 week time frame. Needless to say, there's a lot of present buying going on 'round these parts.

 Eli will be 2 and Sam will be 8 months old on Christmas this year. Wow. Eli is at that age where he gets it, while Sam will still be stuck in the "Whatever, I'm going to chew on this dog toy now" phase. I know this time of year shouldn't be about how many gifts you can pile under the (fake, in our case) tree, but I'm not about to wad up a ball of toilet paper and tell my kids, "Here you go, Santa said hi" and call it a day.

Having two kids so close in age, it's been really important for us that we don't treat them like one kid. Sure Sam's wardrobe consists mainly of Eli's old clothes and he is currently gnawing on the same toys Eli had at that age, but we're going to be getting him a few new things for Christmas that he can call his own.

Pictured below are some of the things we got the kids and other things that I wish I had seen before we finished up buying their gifts. Eli loooooves his Scout so we picked up a Violet for Sam. And that Elmo potty training DVD? I won't 'fess up to how many times Eli insisted on watching our copy from the library over the weekend, so I'm thinking it might be a good idea to pick up a copy of our own.

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True story, I am finally at the point that Christmas and my birthday pretty much mean nothing to me. OK, I'm not some weirdo who doesn't like presents, but this year it's just not something I've thought much about. Still, presents, let's talk about presents. For me. Yay.

I am obsessed with that infinity scarf and definitely need a camera strap because the basic Canon one is killing me. And the Fuji camera? Yes, please. The Marc Jacobs watch is super awesome, but there is a very similar one at Target that I like just as much. Besides, NO ONE should ever spend $250 on a watch for me. OK? Promise? OK.

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Is there anything you really want this year?


  1. Dont get the cat piano!! My niece has it -- most annoying toy ever.

  2. I desperately want the IKEA easel but we've got nowhere to put it until we move house! *weep* Hope you get what you want, those hoops earrings are so glorious, might have to fight you for them...

  3. I love the easel, but with everything else on our list, I think it can wait until we do Clara's half-birthday in June or next Christmas... Seems like everyone has kitchen stuff or food on their Christmas list this year, though!!

  4. We have 1, 3, and 8 and love them. Not too expensive, either!

  5. The art easel is on our list for Charlotte. I'm just hoping they'll ship it to Kansas City since we don't have an Ikea yet! :)

  6. I have an instax mini 7s (white one... with tons of film that I've used once or something. I don't know if you have your heart set on that newer black number, but hit me up if you want to buy mine + film. I'll give you a good price since we're bros.