Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am going to be out tomorrow doing such things as, changing my name with Social Security, getting a new driver's license, making sure I've got the go ahead to vote (because of my name change) next month, mailing out six months worth of packages and paying the house taxes. I'm sure this will take me sixteen weeks to complete, sixteen weeks that will be filled with tears and screams and fists shaken at the sky, so I'm going to give you tomorrow's post today. It's like Christmas up in here.

When it comes to kid's clothes, I'm a cheap bastard. Wait, let's start over. When it comes to clothes, I'm a cheap bastard. I enjoy a good eBay search, a day spent driving from one Salvation Army to another and I always slow down when I see a yard sale. But, at the same time, I also appreciate quality and know that you need to put out some money if you want to buy clothes that aren't made out of Viva paper towels and rubber bands.

And so, I also enjoy a good sale. Hell, I got my wedding dress BOGO at Lane Bryant when they were having a big promotion. I could get a pair of wine colored skinny jeans AND the dress I will keep forever for the price of just one of those things? Oh, and you are going to give me free shipping? Because, duh, I searched the Internet for a promotion code and, as we all know, I won't buy anything online unless the shipping is free. Consider me sold.

So imagine my joy when I heard about Wittlebee. If you have a kid or six or if you are about to have your first, I'm sure you've heard about this site. I first found out about it earlier in the summer when it seemed like every single blogging mom lady got their hands on a box. You plug in your kid's details, choose what kind of clothes you are most interested in, their style (which, of course, really means your style) and fork over some cash. In turn, they send you a box of 6 items based on your request. These boxes come each month for the same fee, unless you suspend the service.

I believe the full price is $39.99 which, when you break it down, is a seriously good deal for the brands that they offer. But, as I said above, I'm the super cheap queen of super cheapness. I'm used to shirts marked $2 that I will only buy on 50% off day at Savers, or waiting for Baby Gap to basically beg people to buy clothes from two seasons ago on their website. I kept going back every so often when I would find a coupon for $10 off, but, still I never went through with it. A code for a really good deal came up on FB one day and I jumped at it. I caved.

I received one pair of long Tea Collection pants, one pair of long Sage Creek pants, one red short sleeved American Apparel onesie, one short sleeved Nosilla organics romper, one Babyworks hoodie and (the one I literally squealed out loud when I saw) a long sleeved Tea Collection sleeper. I received one of those as a baby shower gift for Eli and I am going to be so insanely sad once Sam grows out of it, it's probably my most favorite item of their clothing ever. I'd have to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure I paid a total of $3.50 for each piece (edit, $2.50 each. I AM BAD AT MATH.) Are you serious? Yes, I'm serious. Always check for online codes, they are your friends.

OK, confession time. Right after I paid for my order, I went and suspended my account with the full intention of stopping the service altogether once I got the order. This had nothing at all to do with Wittlebee, but rather the fact that I have WAY more than enough clothes for Sam because I purchased way too many for Eli to begin with. But, after seeing this package today, I'm definitely going to give them another chance before I fully decide what I want to do. Dude, did you hear me? TEA COLLECTION. SAGE CREEK. Each piece was less than what I usually spend for a drink at Starbucks. I kind of shook my head at the short sleeved romper because, hello, it's October in Minnesota, but I don't see why I can't use it as a layer. It's super cute anyway, so I will definitely be using it.

(They sent stickers which, if you have a toddler, is just like they boxed up a babysitter, stuck a stamp on their face and dropped them on my doorstep. Yay.)

TL;DR version, Wittlebee is bad ass. If you are frugal like me, look around for a code for your first purchase so you are able to see if it's more of a long-term relationship as opposed to a one night stand for you. See what I did there? Clever.

(And please don't think this post is sponsored by anyone other than me. I paid for the items just like anyone else would and Wittlebee has no idea that I even exist. Still, my little salted nut roll of a baby has some seriously cute new threads to wear. High fives all around.)


  1. So I set up an account at Wittlebee like a week ago (when I first heard about it. I KNOW) but I'm so insanely cheap that even $3.50 an item, I'm like, "Eh... I don't like the odds".
    You had me sold at stickers. Also, we should swap codes sometime. I'm obsessed with a) coupon codes and b) clicking through mypoints/swagbucks so that I get gift cards for whatever money I spend at said store.

  2. any good coupons for wittlebee? thanks!

    1. Check out or Wittlebee's FB page. I believe I got my code on FB and paid $14.99 for my box.