Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh, tomorrow.

I posted this picture on Instagram this morning.

I have horrible anxiety. Terrible, terrible anxiety that makes me a beast to be around sometimes. I went on meds after Eli was born and they've helped me tremendously but, here we are on the eve of election day, and I think I need to up my dosage.

I'm going to be very blunt, I am terrified that Mittens is going to win tomorrow. You believe what you believe and I believe what I believe. We cool? I just so happen to believe that Mittens is no good. It scares me that I will wake up on Wednesday morning in a country that is run by a dude who wants redefine the rights every woman currently has over her own uterus. I'm terrified that Widow's Peak McGee is going to be second in charge. And, on a local level, I'm scared that the majority of the state I love, the state I was born in, left and came back to will not be OK with everyone being allowed to marry the person they love the most. Something that I was allowed to do when we decided the time was right. That my neighbors and friends and co-workers will continue to have their rights restricted just because they love people who happen to have the same genitalia as they do, ugh, it's awful to think about.

So much to think about and digest and hope for. I am placing my faith in the unknown, putting my hopes on strangers and closing my eyes and holding my breath that we can all decide what we think is best for us as a country and go and make our voices heard. I'm going crazy over here.

I'll do my civic duty tomorrow and, regardless of what you believe, I hope that you do as well.


  1. Here. So you can get some sleep tonight:

  2. I so agree with you!! And I have anxiety too, about life and this election!!♥

  3. Sooooo glad he didn't! We had a great time celebrating here in NY!