Monday, February 11, 2013

Think like a rabbit

I took this picture, using my phone which was found shortly after I posted about it's untimely death, early this morning. I really thought nothing of it at the time, little bunny feet and a bunny tail, its owner's path imprinted on our driveway, my not-dressed-for-the-weather feet that managed to sneak their way in. I can't really put my finger on it, but I have been stealing a few minutes here and there to go back and take another look.

The cold here has been relentless, negative whatever-the-fuck even without the windchill. Everyday there seems to be new snow on the ground and there is no point in looking at the weekly forecast. Wind, snow, cold, maybe some sun, maybe not, it all just blends together after being months deep in the whole production. We spend our days inside, bringing in snowballs for the kids to eat because, really, getting two kids dressed to go out in this? If we even manage to get that far before one of the kids starts crying or pulling off an article of clothing that took so much effort to get on in the first place, do we really want to spend more than two minutes out in that nonsense?

Some days we splurge and take them to the play area at the mall. Most days we chase them around the house, throw them into piles made of blankets on the bed, tickle them until everyone is out of breath, or finally give in and turn on Netflix just when everything is about to go to hell. We get by, day by day, dreaming of March or maybe April but definitely May, when the ground will be warm and we can all sit outside and dig our bare feet into the grass. But, for now, we sit in the warmest places we can, shield ourselves from the elements the best we know how and hope that this whole winter schminter stuff moves on before we really start going crazy.

But those rabbits, the same ones that eat my plants during the summer and irritate the pugs, well, they just go on leaving their little butt prints in the snow. Nothing seems to phase them, which is something I envy, although their living situation under our deck isn't really my cup of tea.

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  1. Spring can't come fast enough! This is the worst part of the year, if you ask me, the time when you just survive a bit longer til the sun starts coming out again and the outside becomes un-sucky...